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How do I make an appointment to see a doctor?

The best way to make an appointment is to give us a call on 441 0550 from 8:00am weekdays, or call your nearest surgery.  From Monday the 13th August it will be possible for enrolled patients to book a 15-minute GP consultation on our website through a process called Easy-Booking icons for this process will be on the homepage of our website. Certain appointment types ( e.g. company medicals, driver’s medicals, procedures) will be excluded.

You can find our contact details on the Contact Us page.

How do I make an online booking? 

The online booking system has been up and running for a few weeks now and we have had patient feedback querying a number of matters. We are doing our best to provide you with answers, please see below.


Q1) The website is asking me for an activation code from my health centre; how do I access this?

A1) If you encounter this request then you have gone too far. You do not need to click the “Activate account”. On the booking page simply scroll down the page to find the available appointments. Once you click on an available appointment it will prompt you to click “book” and move you on to the next page.

Q2) The site is showing an available appointment, but when I go to book it then it appears not available and taken by another member? Even when I refresh the page it is still available until I try to book it?

A2) This occurs when another patient has made a double booking. The system will not let you book this particular time as the appointment slot has already been taken unfortunately.

Q3) I set up an account for myself using my email address, but when I tried to use the same email address for my children it would not allow me to do so?

A3) The system is set up so that only one email address can be assigned to one individual. To book in children under a family email address simply log in as yourself and under the ‘Reason for appointment” detail who the appointment is for. Alternatively when you come in for the appointment we can switch the appointment slot around to the correct patient.

Q4) The system cannot find me?

A4) Your name and date of birth must be exactly as it is on our computer systems or the website will not recognize you. Otherwise you may not be fully registered with us; only enrolled patients can book through the online system. Please contact our reception desk on 03 441 0500 to verify how your name has been inputted on to the system.

Q5) I cannot find any nurse or specialized clinic’s availability on the website.

A5) Currently we are only trialling online bookings for doctors’ appointments. If you require a nurse, extended doctors or specialized clinic appointment please contact our reception team on 03 441 0500. In the future we hope to expand this service to include various appointment types.

Q6) I’m finding the whole process quiet confusing, if I bring my device into the medical centre can somebody show me how to fully set up an online appointment?

A6) In each of our centres we have portable devices available to allow our reception team to guide you through the online booking system. All our team is happy to help you with any issues you may be encountering through the system.

How do I know when my GP is working?

Our GPs have external commitments and often work part time. We have a schedule that you may take away and keep as a reference. You can also check to see availability  through our online booking system.

How do I enroll at the practice?

You need to complete the enrolment form here and provide us with the eligibility documentation required by Ministry of Health.  Please check on the following link to see what you need to bring.


Unfortunately your enrolment form can only be accepted by handing to one of our reception team at any of our 3 practices.  This can take up to 24 hours to be processed and be included in the National Enrolment System for our practice.  

By enrolling at least 24 hours before your first appointment you can access the reduced  fee otherwise your consultation will be charged at the non-subsidised rate.

How do I go about making appointments with visiting specialists?

You must see one of our GPs to arrange a referral. You will then be placed in direct contact with the specialist to arrange appointment times and consultations.

What hours is QMC’s A&M clinic open?

A&M is open weekdays between 8:00am and 8pm. During the weekends A&M is open from 9:00 am until 8pm.

What happens if I’m just visiting Queenstown and need to see a doctor?

You can still see a doctor, however you must be aware that Non NZ residents and NZ Residents not enrolled with the Southern PHO will not receive discounted fees.  For more information please give us a call or call in and ask at Reception.

What if I’m not happy with the services I receive at QMC?

We have a formalised complaints process and a designated Complaints Officer to ensure all complaints are dealt with in the appropriate manner. If you do have concerns, please let us know and we will do our best to get them sorted out.

How do I know whether to make an appointment with my doctor or nurse?

Our reception staff should be able to assist you with this, however if it is a sensitive issue, you may prefer to check with your nurse first.