Covid-19 Vaccinations at QMC


We are receiving high volumes of calls and messages to our clinicians about Covid-19 vaccines 


Please read below to save your time and ours 

???? QMC is delivering Covid-19 vaccinations on behalf of SDHB.

???? QMC is not in control of bookings for Covid-19 vaccinations.

???? QMC is vaccinating in accordance with Ministry of Health

planned stages.

If you are unsure of your eligibility or wish to check when the vaccinations will begin for your group please refer to the Covid-19 eligibility tool:

If you believe you are in a vaccination group that should be vaccinated now but have not received any instruction as how to book:

???? Please speak with your employer (if your group is related to your occupation); OR

???? if it is unrelated to your occupation, but you are still unclear on how to book, please call Healthline: 0800 611 116


Covid-19 Testing (swabbing) at QMC

We can currently swab patients at all three of our practices whilst we are in Level 1. 

**Please note, this can and will change if alert levels increase - follow us on Facebook for timely updates**

If you need a "fit to fly" swab, and are not symptomatic or have not been contact traced, there will be a charge. 

Please book ahead on 03 441 0500.

Covid swabs for symptomatic, high index of suspicion (border workers) or contact traced people are free of charge to the patient.