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Measles Update

Wed, 4th Sep 201910:32:09

Extract from the Southern District Health Board


Confirmed Measles cases in Queenstown


Key messages


MMR Vaccination

If you were born before 1969 you are assumed to be immune


For all others, if you have been fully immunised no further action is required.


Please refer to the Immunisation Advisory Centre link here for the most up to date vaccination advice from the Ministry of Health.


For families not travelling to Auckland or overseas country with measles outbreak

  • MMR vaccinations are to be given at 15 months and 4 years as per the Immunisation Schedule.


Families who are travelling to Auckland or overseas to a country with a measles outbreak

  • Infants aged 6 months to 11 months can have their first MMR (MMR0) (they will need to have the remaining MMR doses at 15 months and 4 years as per schedule).
  • Infants aged 12 – 14 months should receive all four 15 month vaccinations (MMR, varicella, Hib and PCV10) at least two weeks prior to travel.



Clinical features of measles:

  • runny nose, cough, fever for 3 - 4 days before the onset of a generalised maculopapular rash, starting on the head and neck
  • fever (at least 38ºC if measured) present at the time of rash onset
  • cough or coryza or conjunctivitis or Koplik’s spots present at the time of rash onset
  • the case is infectious from the start of the prodrome (5 days before rash and 5 days after rash emergence).

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