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Measles Update2

Thu, 5th Sep 201907:42:37

“ Measles situation”.


The measles outbreak has escalated in Queenstown. Public health & the Southern District Health Board are monitoring closely & responding as the situation evolves.

If you  are born before 1st January 1969 you are considered to be immune from previous infection.

After this date you will be fully immune if you had 2 MMR vaccines.

The current vaccination schedule gives these at 15 months & 4 years of age so children who have had all their age appropriate vaccines over 4 yrs will be covered. At this stage there is no indication to vaccinate children earlier than this unless they are a potential  contact of a Measles case,  or are going to Auckland or overseas where there is an established Measles outbreak. Adults who are uncertain about their vaccination status should contact the practice.


Clinical features of measles:

  • runny nose, cough, fever for 3 - 4 days before the onset of a generalised rash, starting on the head and neck
  • fever (at least 38ºC if measured) present at the time of rash onset
  • cough or runny nose or conjunctivitis or Koplik’s spots present at the time of rash onset
  • the case is infectious from the start of the prodrome (5 days before rash and 5 days after rash emergence).

If you feel you are a contact of Measles & have developed symptoms which you are worried may be  measles please contact your general practice. In general if you are at high risk you will be advised to stay at home isolated but we will give you information on that including if you need to present to the practice. If you have developed a rash & fever this will need to be confirmed by swab but please contact the practice & we will advise you how to go about doing this.


We will keep you informed as the situation progresses.


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