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Reminder : FREE Seminar at 6:30pm on the 21st October at 9 Isle Street, Queenstown

Do you or someone you know suffer from an allergy?

The snow is melting, the days are lengthening and spring is in the air. With it of course comes pollen and the trials for many of hayfever or seasonal allergic rhinitis.


Minimise the unpleasant effects of pollen if you are sensitive.

  • Wear wraparound sunglasses,
  • keep bedroom windows closed,
  • dry linen indoors,
  • Be conscious of times for exercise e.g. dawn and dusk being the worst.
  • Allergy.co.nz is a great resource and also features an annual pollen calendar which may help you identify your allergens or know when to be prepared. ?


Consider medications,  ask your Doctor or pharmacist.

  • Anti-histamine tablets or liquid. These can be started on the day your symptoms start and used as needed, available on prescription or from your pharmacy.
  • Nasal saline wash followed by nasal steroids. These take 2 weeks to work and must be taken daily through the hayfever season for best effect. Technique is key to success. Ideally rinse the nose with saline spray, spray straight back and slightly outwards rather than straight up the nose, do not sniff. Ask you Dr/nurse to demonstrate if needed.
  • Eye drops – there are many available preparations.. ?


Long term treatment:


Of course hayfever isn’t the only allergy that affects our community, the Allergy Clinic at Queenstown Medical Centre is designed to support allergy sufferers across the board and provides full assessment of all allergies.



Through learning your detailed medical history and symptoms, and testing where appropriate, your allergy can be confirmed. For example, for grass allergy, desensitisation is a “treatment” during which your body is exposed daily to a consistent amount of allergen and becomes tolerant, reacting less. This non funded treatment is available through our allergy clinic and many of our patients have reported significant benefit.


Contact: allergyclinic@qmc.co.nz


To understand more and to work out if we can help you Dr Cruickshank is delivering a FREE Seminar at 6:30pm on the 21st October at 9 Isle Street, Queenstown


We would love to see you there!

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