April 2015

Nursing Model

Thu, 23rd Apr 201514:53:22

QMC revamps nursing model to increase patient access

QMC's nursing model had its origins in the 1970's.  Whilst the model provided highly personalised access to patients, primary care has moved on considerably meaning that this type of service can only sustainably be provided to an ever decreasing number of patients.  The model also resulted in relatively fluid working hours, often restricted the scope of what nurses are able to do and resulted in too much patient facing time being taken up by increasing administration tasks.

After extensive consultation with our nurses and looking at other large practices on 1 April 2015, QMC implemented a practice based (rather than doctor based) nursing model.  The basis of the model is in use at many other primary care practices and is designed to remove limitations on nurses scope of practice and maximise the time that nurses are able to see patients whilst providing stable working hours.

Consistent teams of highly skilled nurses will be at all of our surgeries (the same nurses you are used to seeing there) to ensure that the personalised contact and patient knowledge remains.  Whilst some processes have changed (eg repeat prescriptions/results process) patients will still be able to access members of the nursing team they always have if they prefer.  In addition a dedicated nurse is now available for nursing enquiries. 

We are confident that the new model will result in our team having more time to assist you with your health needs and work toward improving health outcomes for all patients.

We welcome feedback.  Feedback forms are available at all surgeries and you can also provide comments via our website.

Stay safe and healthy.

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