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Anna Highfield

Operations Manager 

Anna has been hiding away in the back office since she started working at QMC in 2001.   

Coming from the hospitality industry where she held the position of 2IC and Financial Controller in the latter years, it soon became apparent that the health industry posed many challenges from an administration perspective.   An ever changing industry with funding streams and Ministry of Health directives and restrictions, staff recruitment with a shortage of GPs, Cornerstone (RNZCGP) accreditation , Health Care Homes and of course the increased compliance issues that all businesses face.    Having only remained in the same job for a maximum of 3 years previously there has never been a chance to become bored or complacent.  Hence the reason she is still here after all these years.

Her role incorporates human resources, business and patient services.

Mother of two and commuting to work from a small town further south she also enjoys walking, spending time with friends and family, good food and wine and being in the garden.  If only there was more time for travelling!!