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Our team of General Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and Health Care Assistants can provide highly personalised clinical care across a very wide range of conditions. We also offer specialist clinics where our team's breadth and depth of expertise and knowledge supports everyone to better health. 

"Fit to Fly" - Covid testing for travel

Please call and book (this cannot be booked over Manage My Health

 Terms and Conditions for booking a Fit to Fly Appointment (Covid test for travel)

  • Patient is responsible for ensuring they have the right type of test, e.g. PCR or RAT
  • Patient is responsible for ensuring that the format QMC presents their test results in is suitable for the country they are travelling to
  • Patient is responsible for ensuring that they have their test done within the required timeframe (all countries and airlines are different)
  • Southern Community Labs will turnaround your test results within the required timeframe to get on your flight (as long as this is within a minimum of 48 hours)
  • Pre-payment to QMC is essential at the time of booking your Fit to Fly Appointment

ACC GPSI (General Practitioner Special Interest)

This GPSI service is about providing ACC orthopaedic clients with early diagnosis, appropriate treatment in line with best practice, and helping to bring about a prompt, cost effective and sustainable return to independence and/or work.

Our GPSI providers have a demonstrated level of experience and competency in musculoskeletal, occupational and/or sports medicine and committed to continued education in these areas.

Timeframe: At the initial consultation with your usual GP they will refer you into the GPSI system. The referral goes to ACC. You will then be contacted by QMC who will book your appointment with one of the GPSI doctors, prior approval is required before QMC can book your appointment (normally 2-4 working days). Once you have been seen by the Specialist GP, and if indicated, they will refer you for further imaging. You should hear from radiology within 2 weeks of your GPSI appointment. Once you know when your MRI will be please call 03 4410500 to make an appointment to see the Doctor again for review.

Aclasta Infusion

A convenient once yearly treatment for osteoporosis, aclasta is an intravenous infusion which takes approximately half an hour to administer. Blood tests and a prescription are necessary prior to the infusion so please make an appointment with a doctor to discuss this.

Action Sports Medical Clinic

QMC will soon be bringing the Action Sports Medical Clinic to the Queenstown sporting community. 

Dr Euan Speirits will lead the clinic, bringing his expertise as a Doctor with specialist interest in Orthopaedic Surgery and experience of being Head Athlete Physician with the Crankworx World Tour.

Optimise your sporting life!

Let Dr Euan know what you want to get from this clinic and keep up to date with developments on start date, fees and times of the clinic.

Follow this link to register

Australian Immigration Medicals

Appointments can only be made with Dr Simon Davies or Dr Joanne Cannon at the Isle St clinic. 

If you are a regular patient of ours, please complete this form to book an Australian Immigration Medical. Our Patient Admin team will contact you to take payment and to confirm date/time of your booking. 

If you have never been seen by us before please complete two forms:

1. Our casual patient form

2. The Australian Immigration Medical Request Form

Our Patient Admin team will contact you on receipt of your submitted Australian Medical Request Form.

The Terms and Conditions to booking an Australian Immigration Medical with QMC can be found here.

B12 Injection

Our nurses are trained to administer B12 injections. Patients must be attending their appointment with the B12 in hand. Please enquire with your team nurse for further information.

Blood Pressure

Routine Blood Pressure (BP) checks are available with your team nurse or HCA. Please phone to schedule an appointment.

We have a 24 Hour BP Monitor available for hire.  Please enquire with your GP for further information.

Cardio Vascular Risk Assessments (CVRA)

Cardio Vascular Risk Assessments are a tool to assist in the prevention of heart disease There is a higher than normal incidence of heart disease in the South especially if you are of Maori or Pacific Island descent. National guidelines recommend the following people undertake an assessment:

  • 35-74 year old Maori or Pacific male,**
  • 45-74 year old Maori or Pacific female,**
  • 45-74 year old NZ European male; and
  • 55-74 year old NZ European female.

**includes Indian, Fijian Indian, Sri Lankan, Afghan, Tibetan, Nepalese, Pakistani, Bangladeshi.

Assessments are carried out by specially trained nurses. As part of the risk assessment you will need to have blood tests which will be discussed with you when you make your appointment. Costs will vary depending on your enrollment status with us and government funding available at the time.If you wish to make an appointment please phone our Clinical Administrator directly on 441 0557, Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4pm.

Cervical Screening

Regular cervical screening has been shown to reduce rates of cancer. 

There are now two options for cervical screening:

1.  A self-swab which can either be done supervised or in the privacy of your own home*

2. A cervical sample (previously known as a smear) taken by a nurse

Both options require nurse involvement as even with the self-swab, eligibility needs to be determined prior and instructions given. Therefore the fees remain the same for both options.

*Not all patients will be eligible for this option. 

Bookings can be made either into our cervical screening clinic or with a nurse. 

Please search for either of these options on Manage My Health or call  03 441 0500

Please see our fees page for further details 

Civil Aviation Medicals

Dr Sonja Sparrow is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner for the New Zealand Aviation Authority.  Appointments are available Tuesday - Friday and must be scheduled in advance. To schedule an appointment, or for further information, please contact HCA Fiona Brabant via phone 03 441 0558 or email 

Client-led Integrated Care (CLIC)

Client-led Integrated Care (CLIC) aims to ensure patients with long-term conditions get the right care, close to home and are supported to manage their own health. 

To understand your health need, we complete a fully funded assessment with you. The assessment will determine if you qualify for the CLIC programme. In partnership, a personalised care plan will be developed to set health goals and empower you to look after yourself.

We will keep in touch with you and provide any additional support needed.

Co-located Health Providers

Company Pre-Employment Medicals and Insurance Medicals

Contact Clinical Admin Assistant, Lorna Townsend for pre-employment and insurance medicals.

Please provide specific information about your requirements, so we can allocate the correct amount of time for you to see a Doctor and/or a Nurse.

Company medicals often have specific paper work and documentation. Please check with your employer/company before booking your appointment whether this is the case and ensure that they provide this to you prior to your appointment.

Bookings can be made on 03 441 0505.

Contraceptive Device Clinic

This clinic is focused exclusively on the insertion and removal of contraceptive devices.

  • IUCDs (Mirena, Copper)
  • Jadelles

Both of these contraceptive devices require a pre-insertion appointment with a nurse.

For the IUCD a cervical smear will need to be performed, as well as a script given for the device itself.

For the Jadelle a script will be given for the device itself.

For sexual health clinic information, please visit here

For fees, please visit here

Diabetes Management

In addition to our doctors, we have trained nurses (supported by a visiting specialist diabetes nurse) who can assist you with management of diabetes.

Drug Testing

We have several nurses who are accredited to perform drug testing. We are able to perform instant drug testing (IDT) or take blood for laboratory testing (ESR).

Electrocardiogram Test (ECG)

We can provide ECGs at any of our three centres. Please enquire with your clinician for further information.

Endometrial Biopsy (Pipelle)

An endometrial biopsy  (pipelle) is a short procedure to check the lining of your uterus for abnormal cells. This is a specialist procedure and may be funded depending on your circumstances. Please enquire with your clinician if you require further information.

Fracture Clinic

Queenstown Medical Centre has a dedicated fracture clinic with a view to providing the highest standard of acute and follow up fracture care. Services include:

  • follow up x-rays;
  • changing of casts; and
  • ongoing follow-up to ensure good outcomes.

Your initial consulting doctor will either refer you into the clinic directly for follow-up or if you have had your initial care from another provider and wish to attend the clinic you can contact Reception on (03) 441 0500 (dial 1).

The clinic is held weekly in the summer months and twice a week during the winter months.

ACC part charges apply.

General Practice

General Practice (GP) appointments can be booked online using the Patient Portal or by phoning Reception on 03 441 0500. (No appointments will be accepted via email).

GP appointments are booked on a 15 minute basis. If you feel you may require extra time, please advise the Receptionist at the time of booking. 

If you wish to enrol at Queenstown Medical Centre, please complete the PHO enrolment form and provide us with the eligibility documentation required by the Ministry of Health.

Almost all visits will incur a charge. Please see our fees page for our list of most common charges. If you are unsure of the charge for the visit, please ask the Receptionist prior to booking the consultation.

Health Improvement Practitioner and Health Improvement Coach

QMC is able to offer its enrolled patients free access to both a HIP (Health Improvement Practitioner) and a HIC (Health Improvement Coach).

The HIP and the HIC are slightly different but do work closely together in supporting patients with a range of health and wellbeing needs. 

This may be:

  • Brief intervention to facilitate behaviour change
  • Self-management of own health and wellbeing
  • Any behavioural or lifestyle concerns that impact the patient's wellbeing

 Enrolled patients can book a free appointment through Manage My Health or by calling 03 441 0500. 

Immigration Medicals

Immigration Medicals are available at 9 Isle St. 

We currently offer Full Immigration Medicals at $255* and Chest X-ray only (not full medical) $65*.

*Additional fees apply for laboratory, radiology and other external agencies.

For more information on the Immigration Medicals process and links to make your booking, please click here.


We provide all funded immunisations on the National Immunisation Schedule as well as non funded vaccinations. We also provide a fully comprehensive range of travel vaccinations, see Travel Clinic details.

Intra Uterine Device (IUD)

An IUD is a type of long-acting reversible contraception that goes in your uterus. There are two types of IUD: the copper IUD and the hormonal IUD (Mirena or Jaydess). Please schedule a pre-booking appointment with your team nurse for further information or to schedule your IUD insertion. IUD removal appointments can be made directly with reception.

Iron Infusions

A number of our nurses are able to administer Iron Infusions. Please enquire with your team nurse for further information.

Jadelle Implant

The Jadelle is a type of long-acting reversible contraception.  Please schedule a pre-booking appointment with your team nurse for further information or to schedule your Jadelle insertion.* Jadelle removal appointments can be made directly with reception.

*Patients must be attending their insertion appointment with the Jadelle in hand.


ManageMyHealth™ gives you secure access to your individual health information. You can:

  • Make an appointment 
  • Update your personal details 
  • Request a prescription from your long-term medications 
  • Check your laboratory results, immunisation records and allergies 
  • Access your medical records*
  • Share your health information with another health professional if you choose*
  • Contact your general practice team* 

Please see reception to register for ManageMyHealth.

IMPORTANT: Never use this service in the event of an emergency, dial 111.

* Available from 1st December, 2019


Maternity-Related Care

QMC can offer funded appointments for pregnant and new mums in the following circumstances only:

  • You are in your first trimester requiring a medical consultation regarding your pregnancy or for a condition of the mother or child that a clinician has determined will significantly impact on the pregnancy or its outcome.
  • Or you are in your second or third trimester and your maternity/pregnancy related medical need is not something that can be handled by your midwife or LMC
  •  You are up to six weeks’ postpartum and either you or your baby needs a maternity-related medical consultation

In all other circumstances, our standard consult fees will apply.

Osteoporosis Screening

Some risk factors of osteoporosis include being female, menopause, Caucasian or Asian heritage, being underweight or small framed, maternal history of osteoporosis or having a fracture after the age of 40, male over the age of 70, gut malabsorption conditions (crohn’s or coeliac).  Other modifiable risks include medication use (steroids/anticonvulsants/breast or prostate cancer medication), inactive lifestyles, cigarette smoking and excessive caffeine or alcohol use.

We recommend all females from age 50 or around menopause and males from age 70 have a bone density scan.  This scan is now done at Form Imaging, 5 Mile in Frankton. 

If you are interested in having a bone density scan please contact to make an appointment and then email so they can arrange a referral for you. The pricing for the test is on the Form Imaging website.

Should you have any further queries regarding the Bone Density Scan, please do not hesitate to contact either Form Imaging, your nurse or healthcare assistant or the clinical administration team on the above email.

Sexual Health and Family Planning Clinic

We offer comprehensive sexual health and family planning services with clinics at our Isle Street and Remarkables Park centres. Our specialist clinicians offer non judgemental, confidential and client focused advice and treatment.

Please click here for further information.

Skin Mole and Skin Lesion Removal

We have a number of practitioners who are experienced in removing skin lesions such as early skin cancers, cysts or cosmetically undesirable moles. From time to time public funding is available for enrolled patients for removal of certain lesions. Please speak to your doctor to determine whether or not funding is available to you.


Dr Milne Simpson is an Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor.Page not found

Smoking Cessation

To help you “Quit”, we have several nurses at QMC who are all trained to help you quit smoking and are approved to offer NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) exchange cards. 


Our nurses are trained in spirometry testing. Our spirometry machine is located at our Isle Street Centre. Please enquire with your team Nurse if you wish to undergo a spirometry test.

Sports Medicine

Being based in the adventure capital of New Zealand means that Queenstown Medical Centre has a long tradition of treating sporting injuries. Many of our GP’s started their Queenstown Careers as skifield doctors. Doctors Richard Macharg, Sonja Sparrow and Milne Simpson have completed postgraduate diplomas in sports medicine and work closely with the on-site physios to provide comprehensive treatment of sports related injuries.

Telephone Assessment

If you are an enrolled patient and phone regarding an urgent matter, we will arrange for one of our clinicians to call you back to discuss your concerns. If needed, a same-day appointment will be booked for you. Alternatively, it may be possible for your problem to be resolved over the phone in the form of advice, a prescription, a medical certificate or arrangements for a test to be done in advance of a later appointment.

We will not be charging for advice but standard charges will apply for prescriptions, referrals and medical certificates.

Telephone Assessment ensures that those who need an urgent consultation are seen quickly while those who can have their concerns resolved over the phone have their problems sorted efficiently without the time and expense of attending in person. 

Travel Clinic

Our Travel Clinic staff are specially qualified doctors and nurses who have post-graduate qualifications covering travel, tropical and wilderness medicine.  We are an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

You can arrange an appointment by contacting reception on (03) 441 0500 (dial 1). Please note that a deposit on the consultation  may required at the time of booking.

Please click here for further information.


Performed under local anaesthetic +/- sedation at our Queenstown surgery. Please make an appointment with Dr Milne Simpson to discuss details.

Visiting Private Specialists

Queenstown is fortunate to have various visiting specialists to the area, which saves you time and travel costs. In most cases access to specialist services is through your GP by referral. Appointments will be arranged directly with the specialist. The following services are available:



Ear Nose and Throat (ENT)

Fertility Specialist

General Surgeon

Breast Surgeon




Plastic Surgeon



Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

Public Health Services

Vitamin C Infusions

We have specially trained nurses available to administer Vitamin C Infusions. Please enquire with your clinician for further information.