ACC GPSI (General Practitioner Special Interest

The ACC GPSI (General Practitioner Special Interest)

The GPSI service is about providing ACC orthopaedic clients with early diagnosis, appropriate treatment in line with best practice; and helping to bring about a prompt, cost effective and sustainable return to independence and/or work.

The GPSI Providers:

GPSI providers have a demonstrated level of experience and competency in musculoskeletal, occupational and/or sports medicine and committed to continued education in these areas.


At the initial consultation with your usual GP they will refer you into the GPSI system, the referral goes to ACC. You will then be contacted by QMC who will book your appointment with one of the GPSI doctors, prior approval is required before QMC can book your appointment (normally 2-4 working days). Once you have been seen by the GPSI and if indicated they will refer you for further imaging. You should hear from radiology usually within 2 weeks of your GPSI appointment, if you haven’t please call 03 4410538. Once you know when your MRI will be please call 03 4410538 to make an appointment to see the GPSI again for a review.