Allergy Clinic

Allergy is very common, and is becoming increasingly so. We have created a dedicated Allergy Clinic to provide a focused approach to helping you  identify and manage your allergies.

Our clinic runs fortnightly at our Isle St practice (9 Isle Street, Queenstown).

How  it works:

  1. To request an appointment: You can  refer yourself via, ask your GP at QMC, or ask for a referral from other GP practice . One of the team will get back to you within a week with an appointment time. This is not a clinic for acute reactions. Please use normal channels.
  2. It helps create more time for us to work on solutions if you fill in our questionnaire ahead of the appointment. Please scan and email this to
  3. Initial appointment. You will have an extended appointment with our allergy doctor during which we will look in detail at your medical and allergy history and identify what testing may be helpful. Some diagnoses are made clinically as tests are not always useful.
  4. Testing: We can access a variety of tests, some are government funded via Southern Community Laboratories and are arranged at a later date. In-house skin prick testing can be done on the day if pre-arranged. There is an additional charge for this service. There are other options for testing using private laboratories.
  5. Plan : We will create a preliminary plan after the first appointment to ensure safety and clarity until any results are available. Many treatments can be optimised at this stage to help your symptoms
  6. Where appropriate, you will also see our allergy specialist nurse who can help with allergen minimisation, testing, eczema and asthma management, personalised allergy plans, and safety plans for schools and carers.
  7. Follow up: With your results, or any periods of exclusion we have agreed to try, we will review your progress with you. At this point we will recommend definitive treatment if appropriate or plan further management and interval follow up with you.

Our understanding of allergy/intolerance and the crossover with other conditions especially atopy (eczema, hayfever and asthma) is advancing all time. Concern about allergies is on the increase so accurate assessment and clear planning is really important to minimise stress. Maximise good nutrition and optimise health.

We commonly assess:

  • Inhalant allergies eg hayfever, dust mites, animals
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Referral for food challenges at appropriate time

Our treatment options include:

Prevention of allergy, symptom prevention and reduction, immunotherapy, re-introduction of low risk foods, supervised food exclusion trials, interval monitoring of allergy sensitisation levels ( eg peanut ) to schedule safe food challenges.

Please note: We do not do patch testing for sensitivity to skin products.

Our regional public service is limited so this service allows more in depth assessment ahead of a public referral if needed. We aim to reduce wait times for patients and increase options available.

We have clinical relationships with immunologists and paediatricians at Starship Hospital, Southland Hospital and the Auckland District Health Board. We also work closely with dieticians available for online and in person consults.

QMC Allergy team:

Dr Tonya Cruikshank  (GPSI Special Interest in Allergy) is a GP with 20 years experience and particular interest in paediatric and adult allergy. She is a member of a NZ wide peer review group in Allergy and is in a regular communication with Specialist Immunologists.

Sandra Fleming is a practice nurse with over 15 years experience.  Sandy has Post Graduate experience in Respiratory Health and Assessment and a special interest in Health Literacy, Teaching and Allergy.

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We look forward to meeting you and helping you in our Allergy Clinic