Allergy is very common, and is becoming increasingly so.  The presence of allergy in an individual can significantly affect quality of life.  The changing understanding of allergy/intolerance and the crossover with other conditions especially atopy (eczema, hayfever and asthma) make an allergy clinic an excellent place for all patients and parents with concerns or questions about allergy and its role in their life as an illness.

Clinic scope

Allergy diagnosis;

  • Skin-prick/EAST ( blood) tests;
  • Prick-prick testing in clinic for specific allergens;
  • Personalised Allergy plans;
  • Anaphylaxis plans;
  • Epipen/adrenaline prescription and education;
  • Low-risk food challenges;
  • Food allergy discussion;
  • Dietary advice and referral to dietician where appropriate;
  • Eczema management;
  • Assessment of role of allergy in asthma and reduction of “allergic march”; and
  • Prescription and supervision of immunotherapy.

Clinic links to specialist colleagues

Our clinic has clinical relationships with immunologists and paediatricians at Starship Hospital, Southland Hospital and the Auckland District Health Board.

Making an appointment

  • Referral via your QMC GP;
  • Self-referral, phone 441 0500

Once the referral has been made, one of the Allergy team will be in contact with a questionnaire to be completed as part of the appointment booking process.


QMC Allergy team

Dr Tonya Cruikshank is a GP with 10 years experience and interest in paediatric and adult allergy. She is a member of a NZ wide peer review group for GPs with a specialist interest in allergy and is in a regular communication with Specialist Immunologists.

Sandra Fleming - Is a practice nurse with over 15 years experience.  Sandy has Post Graduate experience in Respiratory Health and Assessment and a special interest in Health Literacy, Teaching and Allergy. 

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