Immigration Medical Appointment

I understand the conditions of my immigration appointment is as follows:


    1. I am required to bring my current ORIGINAL passport to all Immigration Medical appointments/tests
    2. I acknowledge that QMC is not able to advise me on specific requirements by INZ as to whether I need a medical or not, or what type of medical I need. This is my responsibility. I am therefore booking this appointment/these appointments with full understanding that it is appropriate for my needs
    3. If required, I am to bring a translator to be my interpreter. This cannot be a family member/friend
    4. GENERAL MEDICALS – My blood test must be done a minimum of 4 working days prior to my appointment, to ensure the results are available at the time of my appointment
    5. I am responsible for and have selected the correct visa category
    6. GENERAL MEDICALS – FEMALES only – If I have my period at the time of my appointment, I will be required to come back for urine analysis at a later date. My immigration medical will not be submitted until this has been completed
    7. If I am unable to attend my appointment or am attending the appointment without all the requirements as listed in what to bring to your appointment’ I understand the implications of the cancellation/rescheduling policy
    8. I hereby acknowledge that the information I have provided is true and accurate and that I understand the conditions of my appointment