Manage My Health


ManagementMyHealth™ gives you secure access to your individual health information. You can:

  • Make an appointment **
  • Update your personal details **
  • Request a prescription from your long-term medications **
  • Check your laboratory results, immunisation records and allergies **
  • Access your medical records ++
  • Share your health information with another health professional if you choose ++
  • Contact your general practice team ++

IMPORTANT: Never use this service in the event of an emergency, dial 111.

** Available from 1st June, 2019. 

++ Planned to be available from 1st December, 2019

Frequently asked questions

How do I register for the portal?

Before you use this service, you must read the terms and conditions and agree to these by signing at which time your account will be activated.   If you do not understand please seek advice on the implications of use. 

To ensure your privacy we need to make sure it’s you that is getting access to your information.  You can download the consent form here and complete.  You will then need to present at the practice with some form of picture ID, (passport, drivers licence, student ID etc) and show this to one of our team.  You will then be emailed an activation code to set up your account.

 How do I activate my account?

 if you are using the patient portal for the first time: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on  Activate Account
  3. Enter your email address used to register for the Patient Portal
  4. Enter the activation code you have been sent and then type in the characters you see in the picture
  5. Click on Activate
  6. Complete the form, set up your password, check the terms and conditions and click on Complete Registration
  7. You will be sent an email to your email address. You must click on the button "Confirm your Registration" to complete your registration. If the email does not arrive, please check your spam or junk folder in the first instance

What if I am already registered with another practice?

If you already registered for the Patient Portal with another practice, or registered for Beating the Blues or Medic Alert and wish to link your accounts, you must register at this practice using your existing email address then follow the instructions below: 

  1. Go to
  2. Log on to your ManageMyHealth Account with your existing email address and password
  3. Go to My Account
  4. Click on View Profile
  5. Click on My Health Centres
  6. Enter your activation code and click  OK

Is there an App I can download?

Yes this is available at the App shop from Apple or Google.

Can I get access to my whole family’s records?

To ensure privacy of content, each person needs to have a unique email address to link our system to the portal.  This includes children.  Please set up the email address with your preferred provider prior to presenting at the practice with your ID to make it a quick and simple process.

When I am not able to access my child’s information?

AT QMC, a Parental/Legal Guardian access to a child’s medical records is restricted to children under 14 years of age.  Each child must have their own email address to activate the portal. 

As the assigned parent/legal guardian, it is your responsibility to deactivate all parental access to the patient portal when they turn 14 and assign the rights to the child.

There will be exceptions to the rule, so please contact us if you feel it appropriate you continue to monitor your child’s health.

How do I make an appointment?

You can book a face-to-face appointment using the Online Appointments.

Please note all consultations incur a charge and our standard trading terms apply.

A standard appointment is 15 minutes.

What if I require a longer appointment?

If you require a longer appointment, please book two consecutive time slots (please note an extended consultation fee is applicable).  If you are not sure how long your consultation should be or you require a special procedure, call the practice to arrange.

Can I make a same day appointment?

If you feel you need to be seen on the same day you will need to call the practice.  Our staff will arrange for one of our regular Doctors or Nurse Practitioner to call you back for telephone triage assessment.   

What if I don’t attend the appointment I booked on-line?

Failure to attend an appointment or cancellation within 24 hours of the confirmed time will incur a fee.  Please refer to our Did Not Attend policy. 

How do I request a repeat prescription?

You are welcome to request a repeat prescription online by selecting the items you wish to have repeated.   Just follow the prompts once you have logged in.

How long will it take for my script to be ready to collect?

As per our policy, you must allow at least two working days for this service.  If you would like the prescription faxed (at an additional cost), please indicate which pharmacy you would like to have this sent to.  Your clinician will email you once he/she has completed the repeat prescription for you. Should you require a same day script, please call the practice (higher fees apply)

Standard charges apply and payment is to be made at the time of collection.

How will I know when my test results are back?

Make sure you leave the automatic notification “on” in your inbox. 

You will receive an email if a test result has been entered into your health summary.  One column in your health summary will include a comment, so always check this just in case any actions are required.

As per our results policy you will be contacted by your general practice team if results are abnormal and follow up arranged if it has not already been scheduled. 

What if I think my Health Information is wrong?

If you see incorrect information in the Health Summary, please contact the practice and if appropriate we can amend your details.

Can I view the clinician’s notes written about my consultation?We plan to have this function available from the 1st December, 2019.  Only notes written from this date on will be available via the portal.  What if I don’t agree with what is written in my notes?

Please be aware that medical records cannot be a verbatim account and medical jargon is used along with abbreviations.  Some terms have different meanings to the lay person. Medical notes are often brief and condensed to points that are most clinically relevant. If you have questions about what has been written please do not hesitate to ask at your next consultation. Legally changes to existing notes are not allowed but an amendment can be added at a later date

How long after my consultations will I be able see what was written

It can take up to 24 hours for the clinician to finalise your notes. Please note that some clinicians write can their notes in full at the time of the consultation, but others make brief notes or headings and write them up later on in the day.Not all tasks associated with you visit will be done within this time frame as research and other actions to be taken my take longer.

Who provides the patient portal service to QMC?

ManageMyHealth TM  is provided by a New Zealand software company called Medtech Ltd. Medtech staff cannot access your information because it is encrypted. If you are having problems with the portal, please go to: 

Is the patient portal secure?

ManageMyHealth (MMH) is hosted in a secure environment within NZ.  Similar to internet banking, MMH uses SSL security technology to ensure your information is completely safe and secure.  Along with a unique email address as your log-in, we also rely on you not to share your password and to take all reasonable measures to protect your information.


For further information on how the ManageMyHeath portal works see link below