Visiting private specialists

Queenstown Medical Centre is fortunate to have the facilities to accommodate a wide variety of visiting specialists which allows our patients to be seen locally rather than having to travel large distances. In most cases access to specialist services is through your GP by referral. Appointments will be arranged between you and the specialist. The following specialist services are presently available:


  • Mr Tim Fleming


  • Southern Dermatology – Dr David Young

Ear Nose and Throat (ENT)

  • Mr Dean Ruske
  • Professor Patrick Dawes


General Surgery

  • Intus
    • Endoscopy (Mr Richard Perry)
    • Gastroenterology (Dr Judith Collett)

Breast Surgeon

  • Mr Michael Landmann


  • Mr  Andrew Swan
  • Mr Greg Kassell
  • Mr John Matheson

Cataract Surgeon

  • Dr Brett Rogers


  • Dr Andrew Kelly

Plastic Surgery

  • Mr Jessie Kenton Smith
  • Mr Patrick Lyall
  • Mr Konrade Richter
  • Dr Rebecca Ayers


  • Dr Daniel Ching


  • Central Otago Urology 

Women’s health

  • Dr Barbara Richards (Gynaecologist)

Public Health Services (Isle Street)

  • Brief Intervention Service
  • Sharon Sandilands (Diabetes)