Patient Information

Terms of Trade

By signing the QMC PHO enrolment form, or by completing the casual/visitor details form, the patient agrees to these terms of trade.

DNA & Late Policy.

The DNA  (Did not attend) and Late Policy work in conjunction with one another to allow smooth operational running of QMC. It’s important for patients to attend on time and if cancelling to give more than 2 hours notice. Please familiarise yourself with these policies.

Abusive Patient Policy

Violent or abusive patients are not welcome or tolerated at any Queenstown Medical Centre practice.
We request that our staff are treated with respect and that ultimately they, and other patients feel safe in our practices. If a person has verbally or physically abused a team member, or displayed threatening and disruptive behaviour, it may be necessary to ask the patient to leave and/or terminate the patient's enrolment

Patient Rights

When you use our services, you have:

  1. The right to be treated with respect.
  2. The right to be treated fairly.
  3. The right to dignity and independence.
  4. The right to have good care and support that fits your needs.
  5. The right to be told things in a way that you understand.
  6. The right to be told everything you need to know about your care and support.
  7. The right to make choices about your care and support.
  8. The right to have support.
  9. The right to decide if you want to be part of training, teaching or research.
  10. The right to make a complaint.
  1. We treat complaints seriously and respond promptly and fairly. Every complaint is an opportunity to look carefully at how we do things and see whether we can improve the way we provide health care. It is helpful if complaints are received as soon as possible after the event.

How do I complain? 

  1. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, we ask that you either initially take your concerns directly to the person who provided the service to you or complete an online complaint form.

    Our Complaints Officer will acknowledge receipt of your correspondence, investigate and respond within 10 days of your correspondence.

QMC's casual & enrolment forms

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