General Practice

Please contact Reception to make your appointment (no appointments will be accepted via email).

From Monday the 13th August it will be possible for enrolled patients to book a 15-minute GP consultation on our website through Easy-Booking see home page for Icons. Certain appointment types ( e.g. company medicals, driver’s medicals, procedures) will be excluded.

Doctor and nurse appointments are booked on a 15 minute basis. If you feel you may require extra time please advise the Receptionist at the time of booking.

For new patients please refer to our standard Terms and Conditions and Ministry of Health’s website to check your eligibility to enrol with us.

Almost all visits will incur a charge. Please see our fees page for our list of most common charges. If you are unsure of the charge for the visit, please ask the Receptionist prior to booking the consultation.

Please click on the titles below to learn more.

Australian Immigration medicals (Dr Simon Davies)

Appointments can only be made with Dr Simon Davies.  Please call 03 441 0500 (press 1).  Please note prepayment of the consultation will be required.

Company Pre-Employment and Company Insurance

Contact Fiona Brabant (03) 441 0558 for bookings. Please provide specific information about your requirements, so we can allocate the correct amount of time for you to see a Doctor and/or a Nurse.

Company medicals often have specific paper work and documentation. Please check with your employer/company before booking your appointment whether this is the case and ensure that they provide this to you prior to your appointment.

For personal insurance medicals please contact Vicky Weir on (03) 441 0557.

Sports Medicine

Being based in the adventure capital of New Zealand means that Queenstown Medical Centre has a long tradition of treating sporting injuries. Many of our GP’s started their Queenstown Careers as skifield doctors. Doctor Sonja Sparrow and Doctor Milne Simpson have both completed postgraduate diplomas in sports medicine and work closely with the on-site physios to provide comprehensive treatment of sports related injuries.

Skin Mole and Skin Lesion Removal

We have a number of practitioners who are experienced in removing skin lesions such as early skin cancers, cysts or cosmetically undesirable moles. From time to time public funding is available for enrolled patients for removal of certain lesions. Please speak to your doctor to determine whether or not funding is available to you.  


Performed under local anaesthetic +/- sedation at our Queenstown surgery. Please make an appointment with Dr Milne Simpson to discuss details.


We provide all funded immunisations on the National Immunisation Schedule as well as non funded vaccinations. We also provide a fully comprehensive range of travel vaccinations, see Travel Clinic details.

Smoking Cessation

To help you “Quit”, we have several nurses at QMC who are all trained to help you quit smoking and are approved to offer NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) exchange cards. 

Cardio Vascular Risk Assessments (CVRA)

Cardio Vascular Risk Assessments are a tool to assist in the prevention of heart disease There is a higher than normal incidence of heart disease in the South especially if you are of Maori or Pacific Island descent. National guidelines recommend the following people undertake an assessment:

  • 35-74 year old Maori or Pacific male,**
  • 45-74 year old Maori or Pacific female,**
  • 45-74 year old NZ European male; and
  • 55-74 year old NZ European female.

**includes Indian, Fijian Indian, Sri Lankan, Afghan, Tibetan, Nepalese, Pakistani, Bangladeshi.

Assessments are carried out by specially trained nurses. As part of the risk assessment you will need to have blood tests which will be discussed with you when you make your appointment. Costs will vary depending on your enrolment status with us and government funding available at the time.If you wish to make an appointment please phone our Clinical Administrator directly on 441 0557, Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4pm.

Cervical Smears

Regular smear tests have been shown to reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Cervical smears are indicated for all women aged 20-70 years and can be done by the majority of our nurses.

Diabetes Management

In addition to our doctors, we have trained nurses (supported by a visiting specialist diabetes nurse) who can assist you with management of diabetes.

Osteoporosis Screening (Heel Ultrasound)

A quick painless ultrasound of the heel is performed to screen for osteoporosis (bone thinning). QMC recall our female patients aged 45 to 70 for this procedure as they are most at risk of Osteoporosis. Doctors may also refer patients for this procedure owing to medication, family history of Osteoporosis or fracture history. We run clinics 4 or 5 times per year. Results are reviewed by the Bone Research Unit at Princess Margaret Hospital in Christchurch, and a report sent to your doctor.

Aclasta Infusion

Convenient once yearly treatment for osteoporosis. Aclasta is an intravenous infusion which takes approximately half an hour to administer. Blood tests and a prescription are necessary prior to the clinic so please make an appointment with a doctor to discuss this.

Drug Testing

We have several nurses who are accredited to perform drug testing. We are able to perform instant drug testing or take blood for laboratory testing.