Immigration Clinic

These instructions are also available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish

Making your appointment:

Appointments cannot be made over the phone.

To arrange your medical, please visit our reception team at  Queenstown Medical Centre, 9 Isle Street, Queenstown between 9:30am and 3:00pm, Monday to Friday.

You will be required to:

  • provide your original passport (a copy will be taken)
  • complete a short questionnaire (included with this)
  • pay for the medical (current rates)
  • have a blood test

Appointments are available on Tuesday or Wednesday at least 4 days after having your blood test. 

Fees payable

  • Refer to fees page.

Payment: Must be made at the time of booking your appointment.

  • X-Ray – additional costs payable to Radiology
  • Blood Test – additional costs payable to the Laboratory

Please note - X-ray and Lab fees are not included in the Queenstown Medical Centre cost. Enquire at the Laboratory and Radiology regarding their fees.              

Before your appointment.

Upon booking your appointment, the receptionist will give you a referral for blood tests. It is recommended you have this done immediately.  It takes at least 3 working days for the results to be returned to the doctor and these are required for your appointment. 

We wait for the results of your blood tests to be returned, then our team will enter your details onto the NZ Immigration website from the information you provide on the questionnaire (enclosed).  This will keep your appointment time to a minimum.

What to bring to your appointment 

  • Your current original passport to verify your identity.
  • Glasses or contact lenses (if you wear them).
  • A list of medications you take (including dosage)
  • Any relevant medical reports/documents.
  • An interpreter (translator), family or friend to help if you find it hard to have conversations in English. If we find the consultation too difficult because of a language barrier you may be asked to re-book your appointment so you can bring an interpreter with you.  This would be at your expense.

At the appointment 

  • Check in on arrival.
  • You will spend 30 minutes with a Nurse, followed by 15 minutes with a Doctor.
  • You will be provided with an e-Medical reference number to include with your visa application.
  • If required, you will be given a request form to have an X-Ray which should be taken to Radiology immediately after your consultation with the doctor.
  • You will need to provide a urine sample, so drink plenty of water beforehand. (females – if you are menstruating (having your period) the blood can affect your results. This may result in additional laboratory fees.  See overleaf as it may be best planning your urine sample for when you are not menstruating.) 

After the appointment 

  • We will submit your e-Medical to NZ Immigration when all your results have been received.
  • You can choose to receive an email confirmation to advise this has been completed.
  • If any abnormal results are identified at the consultation, or if NZ Immigration request, you may be required to have further investigations. These might include but not limited to, further blood or urine tests, ultrasound scans or further doctor or specialist consultations.  Your doctor or nurse will be able to advise you if this is necessary.  Please note this will incur further costs and consultation fees.