7 tips to maximize your time with your Doctor

An appointment with your Doctor is a valuable time to have your health needs met. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you maximize your time.


  1. Book The Right Length of Appointment For Your Needs A standard appointment with either a doctor or nurse lasts 15 minutes. This time is usually sufficient to address one existing issue and one new issue. If you need to discuss multiple concerns, consider scheduling a longer session so we can adequately address each one without delays.
  2. Your Timeliness Helps Everyone Sometimes, certain conditions may require more than the typical 15 minutes. We strive to keep appointments on schedule, but late arrivals can disrupt the day's flow and impact other patients. Arriving on time helps everyone, and arriving more than five minutes late could result in your     appointment being rescheduled. Please note that we operate a late policy.
  3. Share your list at the beginning If you have more than one issue to discuss, share your list at the start of your consultation. This will enable your doctor to help prioritise what should be discussed first in case the time you have booked does not allow to cover all issues you need to raise.
  4. Organize Your Thoughts Take a moment before your visit to think through your symptoms and their timelines. Being specific about when things started—whether hours, days, weeks, or months—helps provide a clear and concise history.
  5. Consulting Dr. Google It’s normal to look up symptoms online. If you find information that worries you, feel free to share it with us. After that, let us assess and diagnose you based on our professional knowledge and examination.
  6. Open Communication Feel comfortable discussing all aspects of your health. Our doctors are professional and non-judgmental, ready to handle any health concerns you may have.
  7. We're Here for You We are committed to providing the best care possible. During busy times, we appreciate your understanding and patience. We’re all in this together, working to ensure your health and wellbeing.


Why choose to enrol at QMC

  • Our large team of doctors and nurse practitioners means high availability at short notice
  • Subsidised fees for consultations in pre-booked appointments
  • Discounted fees for our After Hours & Urgent Care clinic
  • Children under 14 years old are entitled to free consultations
  • Shorter than national average wait times in After Hours & Urgent Care
  • 4 practice locations across Queenstown

Access to all 4 locations

As an enrolled patient, you can be seen at any of our four clinics located centrally in Queenstown, Arrowtown, Jack's Point and Remarkables Park.  

Your health, our priority

Your health matters most. Our dedicated team ensures personalised care, guiding you towards optimal well-being. You can trust us as your healthcare partner.

Comprehensive care

From routine check-ups to specialised care, our comprehensive approach addresses every aspect of your physical and mental well-being.